La Chaire Active Aging 2.0 comprend trois grands axes de recherche

Technosport-Active Aging 2.0 -Marseille


High technology equipment and sophisticated measurement systems are available to test products either in laboratory or in natural conditions. They include devices for measuring forces, movement kinematics, gait parameters and postural control, energy expenditure, behavioral analysis. Offices or  conference rooms can also be temporarily provided.

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Active Aging 2.0-Marseille


Active Aging 2.0 provides resources to members willing to incorporate the aging dimension in their activities (study of opportunities, market analyzes, support for innovation …).

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Temprado-Active Aging 2.0-Marseille

Training and seminars

In addition, to thematic seminars organized by the network, on demands, Active Aging 2.0 may organize seminars or courses on active aging, gerontechnology and innovation to help members better know that area or update their scientific knowledge.

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Temprado-Active Aging 2.0-Marseille


Active Aging 2.0 provides speakers for the general public conferences on the prevention of the effects of aging, gerontechnology, or innovation.

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Students’ internships and PhD programs

Active Aging 2.0 connects its members with academic training in the fields of research, engineering and ergonomics of movement, health prevention and re-athlétisation. It allows its members to find engineers trainees (Master level) or to develop CIFRE PhD projects.

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