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Qu’est-ce que la Chaire Active Aging 2.0 ?

Promoting participation, health, wellbeing and quality of life of aging people is a a crucial issue for industrialized societies facing the longevity revolution.
Active Aging 2.0 is specifically dedicated to research and innovation for sport, physical activity and cognitive stimulation in healthy seniors. It gathers researchers, companies, start-up, medical structures and end-users into a specific ecosystem.
Active Aging 2.0 is a joint initiative of the Institute of Movement Sciences and the Faculty of Sport Sciences in Marseille. Supported by Carnot STAR institute, FastSpor’In and DUHNE, it includes core partners and adherent members. It brings together local, regional, national and international partners to form dynamic and agile networks.


Active Aging 2.0 connects researchers and entrepreneurs to stimulate innovation for sport, physical activity, cognitive stimulation and smart environments. By focusing on Active Healthy Aging (AHA), it covers a different and wider spectrum than that of classic gerontechnologies.
Active Aging 2.0 aims to become a new player of the silver innovation ecosystem  by attracting companies that want to diversify their activities and mainstreaming aging in the design of products and services they develop.
Thanks to the different services offered to entrepreneurs, Active Aging 2.0 gives them the opportunity to rely on research knowledge, methods and equipment for conceiving, testing and validating their products or services. It also supports research groups interested in collaborative projects that may have both theoretical value and strong applications in the field of innovation and technology.

Active Aging 2.0 en bref 

Pourquoi ?

Active Aging 2.0-Marseille

For the growing number of older adults, active life expectancy is a critical challenge. According to the World Health Organization, Active Aging is the process of optimizing opportunities for health, participation, quality of live and wellbeing thourough the life course. Active Aging can be supported by the use of innovative technologies, the adoption of neuro-protective habits or the adaptation of living environment. However, there is a need for specialized structures to bring together different actors and propose adapted services. Active Aging 2.0 aims to connect researchers and entrepreneurs to stimulate the development of age-friendly objects, products, services and environments that may help older people remaining active and aging gracefully.

Qui ?

Active Aging 2.0 is a joint initiative of the Institute of Movement Science and the Faculty of Sport Sciences of Aix-Marseille University. It associates core local, regional and international partners, namely: Filière FastSpor’In, Institut Carnot STAR3, Age-Well Canadian Network, SATT-SE, Protisvalor, and the Faculty of Sport Sciences of Nice. Active Aging 2.0 also includes adherent members from research organizations, academic and medical institutions, public organizations and collectivities, or existing networks and structures related to aging.

Où ?

Technosport-Active Aging 2.0

The headquarter of Active Aging 2.0 is located in Marseille, on the campus of Luminy, in the Technosport of Aix-Marseille University. The Technosport is a meeting place between education, research, training and industry to create knowledge and innovation in sport. Active Aging 2.0 benefits from equipment of the Technosport to support its activities in the domain of aging.

 Le blog d’Active Aging 2.0

décembre 18, 2016

Active Aging 2.0: activities and perspectives

After three months and half of functioning, it is time to break to approach the new year with new projects. By Jean-Jacques Temprado.
décembre 18, 2016

Objets connectés et activité physique des séniors : intérêts et limites

Une réflexion sur les objets connectés pour l'activité physique. By Jean-Jacques Temprado.
décembre 18, 2016

Soirée « Vieillissement Actif et E-santé » organisée par le 27 Delvalle

Active Aging 2.0 sera présent à la soirée ECHAlliance sur le thème du vieillissement actif, à l'invitation du 27 Delvalle à Nice. Lundi 23 Janvier à partir de 18 heures. CHU de Nice, Le Galet, salle de conférence.
décembre 9, 2016

Un nouveau capteur la détection des chutes des personnes âgées

Il est développé par une équipe du CNRS spécialisée en robotique et la société toulousaine ORME.
décembre 9, 2016

Le « 27 Delvalle » : un espace dédié à l’innovation numérique pour les séniors

"La mission du 27 Delvalle est de permettre à nos seniors de demeurer le plus longtemps possible autonomes et actifs, de permettre à nos seniors de jouer leur rôle dans la société" (Christian Estrosi, Président de la Région PACA).
décembre 9, 2016

Senior : l’activité physique favorise le bien-être et réciproquement

Les gens plus heureux sont plus enclins à pratiquer régulièrement une activité physique selon un article paru dans la revue Top Santé.
décembre 3, 2016

Rewarding effort increases physical activity and the use of fitness trackers

This is the conclusion of a study recently published in The Lancet (Diabete and Endocrinology).
décembre 2, 2016

Walkoo has been awarded by Health and Medias Trophy 2016

Éric Berton, vice-président d'Aix-Marseille Université, Malika Idri, responsable développement de l'action sociale chez AG2R, Éric Navarro, directeur de France Bleu Provence et Jean-Jacques Temprado lors de la remise du Trophée Médias & Santé, le 1er décembre 2016. (Photo: La Provence)
novembre 28, 2016

Innover pour faciliter la pratique du Sport chez les séniors actifs

Le développement de projets de recherche et d'innovation pour le sport et les séniors est une priorité du réseau Active Aging 2.0 (par Jean-Jacques Temprado)
novembre 26, 2016

Region PACA supports Plastic-Age project

Plastic-Age is a research and innovation project arising from members of Active Aging 2.0. It includes several research groups (AMU, Germany and Canada), a medical structure (from AP-HM) and two companies (AG2R and ESPHI). Region PACA has granted the project.
novembre 19, 2016

From Gerontechnology to Silver Innovation: Moving beyond classical frontiers

Silver Innovation should be introduced to account for the domain that aims to help support Active and Healthy Aging (AHA) in all its dimensions. By Jean-Jacques Temprado.
novembre 16, 2016

European Summit on Innovation for AHA

Active Agin 2.0 will be present at the the second European Summit on Innovation for Active and Healthy Ageing, which will take place in Brussels from 5-8 December 2016.

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