Active Aging 2.0

Connecting scientists, entrepreneurs and end-users to promote sport, physical activity and cognitive stimulation of older adults

décembre 18, 2016

Objets connectés et activité physique des séniors : intérêts et limites

Une réflexion sur les objets connectés pour l'activité physique. By Jean-Jacques Temprado.
novembre 19, 2016

From Gerontechnology to Silver Innovation: Moving beyond classical frontiers

Silver Innovation should be introduced to account for the domain that aims to help support Active and Healthy Aging (AHA) in all its dimensions. By Jean-Jacques Temprado.
octobre 1, 2016

Active Aging 2.0: strategic and organizational considerations

Jean-Jacques Temprado presents Active Aging 2.0.
août 6, 2016

Bringing together sport and aging: a new facet of innovation

Eric Berton, Dean of the Faculty of Sport Sciences: “With the creation of Active Aging 2.0, the Faculty of Sport Sciences of Aix-Marseille University aims to bring together the ecosystems of sport and silver economy to stimulate research and innovation”
juillet 20, 2016
Active Aging 2.0-Marseille

Welcome to Active Aging 2.0!

Jean-Jacques Temprado, Chairman of Active Aging 2.0: "Researchers and innovators will help aging people to realize their potential for physical, psychological and social wellbeing"
juillet 19, 2016
Active Aging 2.0-Marseille

Let us work together for Active Aging!

Andrew Sixsmith, Director of AGE-WELL: "The Partnership between AGE-WELL and Active Aging 2.0 will stimulate research and innovation in the field of aging"