Active Aging 2.0: activities and perspectives

Active Aging 2.0: activities and perspectives

Dear Members of Active Aging 2.0

After three months and half of functioning, it is time to break to approach the new year with new projects. Since the creation of Active Aging 2.0, we have had 550 users including 35% of regular users. In total, 1980 pages were viewed for an average of 2.3 pages/session and 2.16 minutes spent on the site/session. Nearly 60% of visitors french. We therefore have to spread even more AA2.0 in Europe and in the world. I am counting on you to go in that direction.

The challenge for 2017 is to attract new members, create more synergies between us and, in particular, to stimulate new research and innovation projects with companies.

I would also like that AA2.0 periodically organizes events (seminars, workshop, trainings) to increase our visibility on the theme of sport, physical activity and environmental stimulation for active and healthy aging. The support of the Carnot STAR Institute and FastSpor’In should enable us to achieve this objective. I also hope that the success of Active Aging 2.0 will encourage new partners to join us and to provide financial support to expand the spectrum of our activities.

Thank your for your help. I wish you a merry christmas and happy New Year.

Jean-Jacques Temprado