La Chaire Active Aging 2.0

La Chaire Active Aging 2.0 a pour objectif de promouvoir la recherche, l’innovation technologique et la diffusion de connaissances pour favoriser le vieillissement actif

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Recherche, innovation, expertise et diffusion de connaissances sur le vieillissement actif

Une expertise pluridisciplinaire sur la thématique du vieillissement, des infrastructures et des équipements sophistiqués à disposition des étudiants, des entreprises et des collectivités

The aim of the Active Aging 2.0 is to provide a highly visible network for promoting an ongoing international exchange among scientists, health professionals, designers, public organizations and end-users. It offers an inclusive environment for trans-disciplinary research collaboration and the translation of research knowledge into innovation.

The headquarter of  Active Aging 2.0 is located in Marseille, on the scientific campus of Luminy. However, the network also aims to develop projects among physically distant partners.

Active Aging 2.0 benefits from the environment of the Institute of Movement Sciences, from academic resources of the Faculty of Sport Science of Marseille (Degress Master and PhD) and from equipment of the TechnoSport.

La Chaire Active Aging 2.0 est une initiative conjointe de l’Institut des Sciences du Mouvement de la Faculté des Sciences du Sport de Marseille et d’AG2R-LA MONDIALE.

Sciences du sport -Active Aging 2.0-Marseille

Institute of Movement Sciences

The Institute of Movement Sciences (ISM) is a Research Unit of  Aix-Marseille University in association with the different scientific Institutes of the CNRS (Institute of Biological Sciences,  Institute for Humanities and Social Sciences, Institute for Information Sciences and Technologies and Institute for Engineering and Systems Sciences). The ISM includes about
 160 people (researchers, administrative and technical staff, PhD and Post-docs…). The mains research themes are about the mechanical, physiological, neural, psychological and sociological determinants of movement production in the different populations. Several research programs are developed to better understanding aging in the neuro-musculo-skeletal system.

Website ISM

Faculty of Sport Sciences

The Faculty of Sport Sciences is committed to develop rewarding partnerships with the socio-economic world in its different fields of expertise. It is involved in several collaborations for research and innovation with big companies through different chairs. Throughout their training curriculum, students receive tutored project, professional interventions and internship. A master degree in engineering and ergonomics is specifically dedicated to train students to R&D in several domains, including sport and gerontechnologies.

Sciences du sport -Active Aging 2.0-Marseille


Website FSS

Website FSS-AMU


Several core partners are associated with the creation of Active Aging 2.0, which is also member of the French Tech.

Filière FastSpor’In

FastSpor’In is a broader ecosystem dedicated to « Sport and wellness ». It has been labelled in 2015 by the prime minister Manuel Valls. A part of the activities of the Active Aging 2.0 covers those of FastSpor’In :  to meet the specific needs of industrial companies interested in physical activity and sport, and to improve access to skills, knowledge and platforms for a wide range of stakeholders

FastSpor’In is one of the networks carried by the Carnot STAR Institute that is, the portal device for private partnerships of Aix-Marseille University.

FastSpor’In is dedicated to the technological support of the sports industries through the development of innovative products and services for sports in partnership with all stakeholders, particularly the AMIDEX program selected under the Excellence Initiative (IDEX) and funded by ANR – Agence Nationale de la Recherche.

FastSpor’In benefits from the TechnoSport platform.

Website FastSport’In

Website AMIDEX

The consortium of FastSpor’In includes three institutes, which bring expertise in complimentary domains: 1) the Institute Carnot STAR (Marseille) specialized in  multidisciplinary study and modeling pf movement, 2) the Institute Carnot CEA-LETI (Grenoble) specialized in design and development of systems sensors for motion capture, force measurement and physiological monitoring, and 3) the Institute Carnot MICA, specialized in design and development of innovative materials solutions for new equipments.

Website Carnot Star 

Website Carnot MICA

Sciences du sport -Active Aging 2.0-Marseille

SATT Sud-Est

SATT Sud-Est aims to boost the competitiveness of companies through innovation stemming from public research in the south of France

Website SATT SE

Sciences du sport -Active Aging 2.0-Marseille

PROTISVALOR Méditerranée

Protisvalor is an associated structure of Aix Marseille University, specialized in supporting researchers for training, installation and management of partnership and European research contracts


Sciences du sport -Active Aging 2.0-Marseille

AGE-WELL Canadian Technology’s Network

AGE-WELL promotes and trigger national and international interactions for active aging and provides physical and/or virtual venues for researchers to meet, collaborate and exchange ideas. Active Aging 2.0 and AGE-WELL share common objectives. Accordingly, they work to join their efforts into collaborative projects and student exchanges.

Website AGE-WELL

Faculty of Sport Sciences of Nice-Sophia University

LAHMES laboratory

The Faculty of Sport Sciences  includes specialists in Physical Activities and Sports, as well as a broad range of other scientific fields and technologies. It offers the Bachelor and Master degrees, as well as the PhD.

The Laboratory of Human Motricity, Education Sport and Health (LAMHESS, EA 6312) is a multidisciplinary research unit focused on the physiological, epidemiological, psychological and sociological determinants of human movement. One its fields of application is health behaviours in vulnerable populations including frail and elderly.

Website FSS Nice

logo_medecineFaculty of Medicine of Aix Marseille University

The faculty has two sites (Centre and North), which includes in total 12.000 students and 22 research units. Partner with the public hospital in Marseille (AP-HM), the faculty benefits from excellence in care, clinical training and research.

Website of the faculty


Centre de Réalité Virtuelle de la Méditerranée



Our vision

Design for old is design for health

We believe that adapted products and environment can empower, support and sustain active aging by stimulating the plasticity of the neuro-musculo-behavioral system.

Our approach

  • Considering aging as a challenge and an opportunity (Old-Up!)
  • Implementing a pluri-disciplinary approach to aging in the neuro-musculo-behavioral system
  • Using the concepts and tools of complexity theories to address organism-environment interactions
  • Using ergonomics and universal design to take account of the interaction between products and older people who use them – Design for all, design for old
  • Testing innovative products, services and environment in real-life through quantitative and qualitative behavioral analyses
  • Associating researchers, entrepreneurs and end-users to the innovation process and quality check
  • Providing an agile functioning in order to improve rapid adaptation to the constraints of market
  • A strict confidentiality policy

Our mission

  • Attracting talented researchers, entrepreneurs, innovators and clinician to connect them into functional networks
  • Promoting collaborative projects between researchers and socio-economic agents
  • Contributing to understanding of aging in the neuro-musculo-behavioral system and its consequences on interactions with objects and environments through pluri-disciplinary projects
  • Helping companies and startups to include the dimension of active aging in their products and services
  • Implementing innovative solutions in multiple domains in order to promote the creation of healthy and age-friendly environments
  • Doing consulting, providing analyses and reports grounded on rigorous methods
  • Organizing training and seminars
  • Disseminating information about active aging
  • Observing changes and tendencies in silver economy

Environment and facilities


Active Aging 2.0 benefits from sophisticated measurement technologies of the Technosport and from the expertise of internationally recognized researchers of the Institute of Movement Sciences.

The Technosport is an innovative area located on the scientific campus of Luminy. It allows practicing physical activity and sports, includes offices and rooms for training and seminars. High technology equipment is available for movement analysis, physiological, biomechanical and psychological measures.

Human resources

Active Aging 2.0 also includes a number of experts in different domains (gerontology, innovation process, behavioral measurements…) available on demand for missions of consulting or broad audience lectures. Master degree and PhD students are available for internships. Short and intensive training programs can be proposed on demands to rapidly solve problems of market.


Network management


Prof. Jean-Jacques TEMPRADO

PhD in Movement Sciences, specialized in Behavioral Neuroscience of Aging


Research Gate profile

IMG_1442Rita Sleimen-Malkoun

Project manager – Marseille

PhD in Human Movement Sciences, specialized in behavioral neuroscience, motor control and aging. Rita manages research and innovation projects in these domains. She is also in charge of the organization of seminars and events.

Research Gate profile


Violaine Sevrez

Project manager – Marseille

PhD in Human Movement Sciences, specialized in biomechanics, motor control and ergonomics. Violaine manages research and innovation projects in these domains. She is also in charge of the organization of events and training sessions.

Research gate profile


Guillaume Rao

Project manager – Marseille

PhD in Human Movement Sciences, specialized in sport and biomechanics. Guillaume is the scientific director of the TechnoSport. He is responsible of planning the use of equipment and facilities of the TechnoSport Platform.

Research Gate profile

A staff member of Protisvalor

This person is in charge of administrative and accounting monitoring of the network.


Raphael Zory

Project manager – Nice

PhD in Human Movement Sciences, specialized in muscular physiology and biomechanics. Raphael manages research and innovation projects in these domains. He is in charge of the relationships with the frailty platform of Nice.

Research Gate profile


Pauline Gerus

Project manager – Nice

PhD in Human Movement Sciences, specialized in biomechanics. Pauline is manages research and innovation projects in this domain. She is also involved in the organization of seminars and events.

Research Gate profile


Sylvain Moreno

Manager of international partnerships – Vancouver

PhD in Neurosciences, director Digital Health Hub (School of Engineering, SFU), Head of innovation NeuroDevNet (AGE-WELL). Sylvain is responsible of the relationships between Active Aging 2.0 (Marseille), AGE-WELL and Innovation Boulevard in Vancouver.

Research Gate profile

Patrick Faure

Partnership with SATT – SE

Specialized in Health & Life Technologies, Patrick Faure is corresponding person of the SATT-SE in Active Aging 2.0. He supervises the detection phases, maturation and project development strategies. He also helps to identify companies that could exploit technologies and licenses.

Board of Active Aging 2.0

13346754_10154276357594686_7573263507935833109_n 2Jean-Jacques Temprado

Chairman of Active Aging 2.0

Research Gate profile


Eric Berton

Dean of the Faculty of Sport Sciences of Marseille, Director of ISM, Vice-President of Aix-Marseille University

Research Gate profile

Gilles Montagne

Deputy director of ISM

Research Gate profile

Laurent Baly

Director of SATT Sud-est

Serge Colson

Dean of the Faculty of Sport Sciences of Nice

Research Gate profile

Fabienne d’Arripe-Longueville

Director of the LAHMES

Research Gate profile

Andrew Sixsmith

Scientific Director of AGE-WELL Network.
President of the International Society for Gerontechnology
Director of the Gerontology Research Centre
Deputy Director of IRMACS Centre

Research Gate profile

Patrick_Villani 2


Patrick Villani

Vice-Dean of the Faculty of Medicine

Director of the geriatric division of AP-HM