Confidentiality policy

Active Aging 2.0

Obligation of confidentiality

Active Aging 2.0 has an obligation of confidentiality towards the promoters of the projects. Neither AA 2.0 nor any person involved in the AA 2.0 project cycle, acting on behalf of AA 2.0, will disclose to a third party any information that might result in a breach of that obligation.

This non-disclosure commitment does not apply to any information that is: 1) already in the public domain at the time of disclosure or becomes available to the public through no breach of this policy, and 2) required to be the subject of limited disclosure to third parties in the exercise of tasks specifically entrusted to AA 2.0, pursuant to the AA 2.0 project cycle, and namely for fundraising purposes or 3) is disclosed to the public domain after prior authorization of project’s instigator on a case by case basis.

In carrying out its mandate to assist the preparation process of projects, AA 2.0 seeks to provide the promoters with accurate information to support the projects’ preparation. It should nevertheless be underlined that any information provided in the course of such process is not in any way legally binding and does not commit AA 2.0.

Any information provided by AA 2.0 during the project cycle has a restricted distribution and may be used by recipients only in respect of the project labeling process. It may not be otherwise disclosed to third parties without the AA 2.0 express authorization.

AA 2.0 or any person acting on its behalf bears no responsibility for unauthorized use, which may be made by the promoters of the information provided during the project cycle.